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Lake Tahoe.

Nevada - California

Altitude 6200 ft.

Lake Tahoe, Incline Village Incline Village, Nevada

Site Information

Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe sits on the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada range along the California-Nevada border near Reno. It is at a altitude of 6225 ft. the largest alpine lake in North America, stetching 22 miles long and 12 miles wide. Its maximum depth is 1600 ft. Lake Tahoe dive sites run the gamut from sany harbors with gentile slopes, to dramtic dropoffs, wreck dives and even an ancient forest. The most popluar dive sites are easily accessible by shore. They include Sand harbor in South Lake Tahoe, Patton Beach in Carnelian Bay on the North Shore, and Rubicon Point on the southwest shore. The lake is divable year-round. Visibility is always good, the average is 60-100 ft. On a bad day, divers still can have 25 ft. Water Temperatures at the surface vary during the year from 41 degrees in the winter to 68 in the summer. In the deeper water, temperatures range from 41 to 47 degrees. This is a drysuit dive!

Dive Centers
Carson City, Nevada
Reno, Nevada
Sparks, Nevada

Personal Note
There isn't any local dive shops on the lake. Plan your dives accordingly and have fun. There currently isn't any dive charts on Lake Tahoe and some of the better divesites require a boat such as Emerald Bay and Rubicon Point. Don't forget to bring change for some casino's after the dives.

Maximum Depth1600 ft.
Maximum Visibility50-100 ft.
Temperature Range38-75

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Last revised on June 19, 1999