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Racine Quarry, Racine, Wi.

Quarry Lake Park

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Without a doubt the best inland diving waters in Racine County, the former gravel quarry is filled with water to a maximum depth of 90 feet and holds all sorts of surprises for divers. Aside from two deeper trenches that are often plagued by low visibility caused by silting, the quarry is about 60 feet deep at the deepest. Visibility is improving, thanks to the imported zebra mussel population that is filtering much of the silt. Divers will find fish, mainly bass, catfish and trout, up to about 40 feet. The quarry was also a favorite dumping grounds, which offers many interesting underwater discoveries - among them, six automobiles including a Volkswagen Beetle and several 1950s-vintage vehicles. The northeast end of the quarry is filled with discarded appliances, tires and other garbage.


Take Interstate 294 north to Interstate 94 north to Wisconsin. Exit at the Racine/Waterford (Route 20) exit. At the exit, turn right (east) on Route 20 to Route 31. (This is about 5-6 miles, there is a Denny's resturant on the corner of Route 20 & Route 31.) Turn left (north) on Route 31. Turn right (northeast) onto Highway MM. Turn right (east) on Highway 38 (Northwestern Ave.), (There is a Quality Inn in front of the road, it is a T-intersection.) Continue past 1st light and the entrance to Quarry Park in the 1st right turn.

Map of Racine Quarry

Racine Quarry Map

Personal Note
Diving at Racine is a crap shoot on visibility. It is a good winter dive site, ice diving allowed there. The local dive shop is Down Under diving, Inc., 3405 Douglas Ave., Racine Wi. 53402-3751 (414) 639-9344. Call for hours and directions.

Maximum Depth90 ft.
Maximum Visibility5-30 ft.
Temperature Range40-75

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Last revised on June 19, 1999